TestLodge joins worldwide tree planting drive to support the environment

TestLodge now contributes monthly towards tree planting in response to the climate crisis. Our partners planting the trees on our behalf are the reputable UK, based environmental organization, Ecologi.

Across the business world, TestLodge is far from being unique in choosing to support tree planting - but that’s the whole point! As a way of helping the environment by compensating for our collective Co2 footprints, tree planting is a worldwide and necessary project for the health of the planet at this critical time.

In choosing our tree-planting partner, we wanted to be certain that our monthly donation, based on an estimate of the Co2 our staff and regular contractors produce in a working day, would convert into actual tree planting in official projects. We selected Ecologi because we liked the transparency of their process. All who join Ecologi, whether businesses, individuals, families - or pets, can watch their forests expand. Take a look at our forest and the renewable energy projects Ecologi also invests in on our behalf: TestLodge Tree Planting.

TestLodge is facilitating tree planting for the good of our children and all of us because trees are essential allies in the fight against climate change. Along with oceans, trees are the lungs of the world, and planting millions of young trees not only helps with the absorption of Co2, which is then locked up in the trees and surrounding soil for generations, but tree leaf photosynthesis releases fresh oxygen into the air as a byproduct of absorbing all that Co2. It’s invigorating to walk in forests, yes? It’s all that new oxygen!

The environment is in a perilous state, and each of us needs to take personal steps to help reverse the damage caused by industrialization. Using the car less and recycling more are positive contributions, as is world tree planting, in which TestLodge is now happy to be involved.