Recent Improvements to TestLodge

Over the past 6 months, we’ve been busy working on some significant improvements. Some have already been released, and some are still in development.

We always listen to feedback from existing users and making refinements to the tool. More often than not, these very useful improvements are small so don’t get a mention.

So to bring everyone up to date, here’s a list of just a few changes that we have made in recent months.

Application improvements

  • Support for more character sets - We’ve performed a large database upgrade which now means we support an even wider range of character sets.

  • Knowledge base links more accessible - We’ve made it easier for you and team members to find the help you need, whether from our knowledge base, video tutorials or by contacting us directly.

  • Application performance - We are always very proud of TestLodge’s uptime. This is achieved by a lot of work that is rarely mentioned. Maintaining the stack and performing upgrades is a continuous effort, and the past few months have been no exception. We have performed various upgrades and improvements that have gone very well, which will only help us continue to improve the speed and performance of the site.

API improvements

  • New bulk results API endpoint - Our main focus at TestLdoge is manual testing, and this is not changing. However, we have a growing number of companies who wish to store their automated test results with their manual tests. This can now be achieved even easier thanks to a new API endpoint that allows you to send over your results in bulk, as opposed to one at a time.

Issue tracker integrations

We’ve continued to improve and optimize our issue tracker integrations and the following changes have recently been made.


We now have support for accounts that make use of ClickUp custom IDs.


With their changes to authentication, we’ve continued to maintain our integration and we are pleased to say that we now support their latest authentication methods.


  • Depreciating Shortcut projects - We have updated the integration to remove the ability to set a project ID. Instead, we provide the option for a user to select a Shortcut workflow.

  • Updated options - You can now select an Epic directly from TestLodge where you can attach a story.

  • Remember your previous selections - Have TestLodge remember your option selection (such as assigned user, Epic etc.), and set them as defaults for any future stories that are raised within the given test run.


Our efforts to improve TestLodge are continuous and we’d like to thank everyone who gets in touch with us and takes the time to provide feedback.