More Details About Our Latest Release

We recently made several key improvements to TestLodge, including two major updates. In this blog we properly introduce you to the new search and to the new features within the test suites.

Overview of the new search

In our desire to keep improving TestLodge, for several months this year, we trialled a natural language search on the project list page. The results showed it to be very reliable, fast and more popular than the keyword search it replaced. Consequently, we have now rolled it out across the entire tool, replacing all old searches.

A new search page has also been introduced that allows you to search across everything within a project at the same time. For example, you might want to find a test case but are not sure which test suite it’s in. The new search page will enable you to find what you’re looking for accurately and quickly.

Everything you need at your fingertips, all test plans, requirement documents and test suite searches, have now been updated to use this new search.

We received a lot of feedback about our old searches. We took note, then developed and added this new improvement based on the feedback.

Overview of new test suite sections

From the very beginning, test cases have been organized in lists that were easy to edit, delete, drag and drop as the way to order them. This structure remains the best and easiest way for tests to be maintained but we have added one key improvement.

Based on feedback, we have added the ability for you to group these test cases into sections inside a single test suite. The added flexibility enables you to add a test case to any selected section, as well as drag test cases between sections.

All your existing test cases will have been added to a default section, so if you don't need to group them, you won’t need to do anything. Everything will continue to work the way it did before.


With both the new search and the new test suite sections, we are confident that you will enjoy using the new additions as you work with TestLodge.